Our Cabinets

Our cabinets are simply excellent.

Working with our key suppliers allows us to produce cabinets which really can stand the test of time and offer a quality that far exceeds expectation.

At MDK Kitchens we only use proven manufacturers to supply us with the high quality components needed to ensure our cabinets stay cutting edge. Many of them have well established reputations spanning several years including Hettich who have now celebrated their 125th anniversary.

Drawer system - ArciTech

Made for the future: the innovative ArciTech drawer system sets new standards in drawers.

Unequalled running action that speaks quality in high end furniture.

Exceptional stability for maximum creative flexibility in choosing front panel formats and materials and for furniture that brings lasting pleasure. Incredibly broad product lineup based on a single platform, making it possible to set furniture apart and tailor it to consumer preferences.

Sensys - Perfect Silent System

Hinge convenience from Hettich. Sensys, the hinge system with integrated soft-closing mechanism for even more convenience in closing hinged doors. Self-closing from a uniquely wide angle, Sensys takes care of closing doors almost by itself. Innovative, easy, gentle, quiet.